Saint Leonard

Single Family Office

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

– Warren Buffet

Mission & Investment Philosophy


Conservative growth of capital through intelligent investing for the long term and risk management. At SLSFO we are solely occupied with the family’s interest, which include the care for local communities and ESG’s globally.

We have a very strong network of SFO’s globally and work with those whom have similar goals and attributes. We invest globally and believe diversification is our best risk management tool.

Our investment criteria is strongly influenced by the three “p’s” of investing. People, people, people.

Investment Philosophy

  • Saint Leonard’s is an investment vehicle with a primary focus on financial assets.
  • We utilises a classic barbell strategy for our liquid assets.
  • Private markets and direct investments are done internally.
  • Core strategies are predominantly run by external asset and wealth managers.
  • We organise our portfolios by currency  – aud, usd, eur, gbp , yen.
  • Generally we will continue with our overriding theme of technology focus.

Saint Leonards History

Patriarch, Robert William Cavanagh ( 1926- 2017)   entrepreneur, cattleman and real estate developer.

In 1983 R.W was told he had 6 months to live, so he left all his business interests including his farm in Australia and moved to Switzerland, then eventually to Monaco. He proved the medical profession wrong and lived for 32 years in Monaco before returning to his native Australia. In his 32 years in Monaco he left a very strong legacy for the family. He believed that a family can grow it’s wealth by preserving capital and ensuring future generations understand this basic principle.

2nd generation, Robert Jason Cavanagh, started working with the family investments in 1988 whilst at the same time continuing his career in the finance industry. He moved to Monaco in 1997 and had a greater involvement. But was not until 2009 that he took over the family businesses and investments and transformed Saint Leonard into a family office. He arranged the management of the businesses and eventually brought the management of all liquid assets to Monaco. He is still CEO and is actively involved in all investment decisions.

3rd generation, Daniel Jason Cavanagh, became non executive director when R.W retired in 2014. He was chosen by R.W to replace him because at that time he lived close to Monaco and had a good understanding of the investments. He has been an active member of the investment committee ever since and a driver of VC investment. Daniel has his own company based in Amsterdam.

3rd generation, Robert Nicholas Cavanagh, based in Sydney Australia became actively when RW passed. He is an active member of the investment committee and the driver of tech investment. Nick is a director of a tech company in Sydney.

The Family Office

SLSFO Advisory Board
The Advisory Board sets policy and oversees all areas of activities of the family office including investment and risk management.
SLSFO Management Committee
Management are responsible for the day to day operations of SLSFO and for following guidelines set by the Board.
SLSFO Investment Committee
Responsible for all investments. Including portfolios run external managers and direct investments.
Selection, liaison and review with external managers.
Research and due diligence.
Risk management.